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Serving the 10 Coastal Counties of South Carolina

About Us

The Lowcountry Food Bank serves more than 200,000 food-insecure individuals every year. We do this through our strong relationships with nearly 300 partners, a network of food pantries, on-site meal programs, school programs, senior programs, veteran’s groups and shelters. Our dedicated staff work to equitably distribute food across the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina. In order to improve our capacity to distribute food safely and efficiently to people in need, we provide our supports with fresh fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable food, equipment and support with nutrition materials and food safety training. We know that most of our supports obtain a majority of the goods they distribute from our facility. They simply would not be able to offer food assistance without our secure infrastructure of food resources.

Lowcountry Food Bank works with community supports on programs that support the unique needs of targeted populations. From children’s programs and fresh produce access to nutrition education and prepared meals to seniors and veterans, Lowcountry Food Bank is a leader in ensuring that everyone in our community has access to nutritious food.

While the journey of our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work has just begun, Lowcountry Food Bank is committed to addressing these important issues and the root causes of how each intersects with food insecurity. We know it demands steadfast attention and we are dedicated to strengthening equity, diversity and inclusion within our organization.

We lead the fight against hunger through our partner network of nearly 300 community-based organizations, soup kitchens and pantries that distribute food across the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina. Our partner agencies’ commitment to the community puts meals on the table for more than 200,000 of our food-insecure neighbors.

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By The Numbers

From every donation to each meal prepared, it is important to track our work. With the help of our network of nearly partner agencies who distribute food to our neighbors who need it most, we proudly report the results of our efforts. By working together can we continue to feed and serve our neighbors who experience food insecurity.

Humble Beginnings

Since 1983, Lowcountry Food Bank has been a leader in addressing food insecurity in the Lowcountry. Now serving thousands of families across the 10 coastal counties of South Carolina, Lowcountry Food Bank has grown to include more than 75 employees, 5,000 volunteers and nearly 300 partner agencies.