Meet Our Team

President & CEO

Nick Osborne

President and CEO
843-747-8146 x100

Melanie Johnson

Executive Assistant
843-747-8146 x155

Development & Communications

Brenda Shaw

Chief Development Officer
843-747-8146 x104

Development and Communication Team
Chelsea Anderson

Marketing Manager
843-747-8146 x201

Beth Atkinson

Major Gifts Officer
843-747-8146 x123

Alexis Barbalace

Development Officer
843-747-8146 x105

Jill Hirsekorn

VP of Communications & Marketing
843-747-8146 x167

Kelly Kelley

Grants Manager
843-747-8146 x154

Dana Vaughn

Development & Events Manager
843-747-8146 x170

Barbara Walters

Director of Donor Services
843-747-8146 x107

Finance & Administration

Finance and Administration Team

Keith Butler

Finance Associate

Miroslav Giric

VP of Information Technology
843-747-8146 x258

Teresa Johnson

Director of People & Culture
843-747-8146 x143

Cecelia Jenkins

Accounts Receivable Manager
843-747-8146 x164

Teri Phillips

Accounts Payable Manager
843-747-8146 x150

Randolph Middleton

IT Support Tech
843-747-8146 x158

Belinda Thrower-Singleton

843-747-8146 x100

Community Programs 

Jennifer DeWitt

Chief Community Programs Officer
843-747-8146 x106

Community Programs Team
Kimberly Bowlin

Child Hunger Programs Coordinator
843-747-8146 x163

Misty Brady

Program Compliance Coordinator
843-747-8146 x156

Emily Cookson

Executive Chef and Kitchen Programs Manager
843-747-8146 x113

Danielle Decker

Nutrition Coordinator
843-747-8146 x166

Kelly Duane

Nutrition Education Coordinator (CHS)
843-747-8146 x160

Mary Beth Fechhelm

PT Kitchen Associate

Suzy Johnson

Nutrition Education Coordinator (MYB)

LaShonda McDowell

Child Hunger Program Coordinator
843-747-8146 x112

Dana Mitchel

Director of Community Health and Nutrition
843-747-8146 x122

Kara Moore

Director of Child Hunger Programs
843-747-8146 x110

Autumn Reid

Director of Evaluation and Data Integrity
843-747-8146 x151

Stephanie Storer

Nutrition Education Coordinator (YEM)

Anna Young

Nutrition Program Manager
843-747-8146 x142


Jody Russo

Chief Operating Officer
843-747-8146 x116

Operations Team
Joshua Bair

Route Driver

Kyle Banks

Transportation Manager
843-747-8146 x153

Donald Capron

Director of Facilities
843-747-8146 x161

Curtis Collins

Route Driver

James Drass

Reclamation Coordinator

James Glover

CDL Driver

Dennis Furr

Shipping Manager
843-747-8146 x202

Walter Gray

Transportation Coordinator

Jeremy Harvey

Director of Inventory
843-747-8146 x102

Shakir “Mak” Harris

Warehouse Associate

Anthony Howard

Director of Compliance
843-747-8146 x119

Dontez Hubert

Warehouse Associate

Darryl Johnson

Receiving Manager
843-747-8146 x157

Alexa Jordan

Warehouse Associate/Data Entry

Darron Knecht

Route Driver

Jason Layne

Warehouse Receiving Associate

Jose Padilla

Route Driver

David Shults

Route Driver

Anthony Washington

Warehouse Custodian

Brian Weathers

Transportation Manager
843-747-8146 x159

Justin Williams

Route Driver

Joanna Bruno

VP of Agency Relations & Regional Food Centers
843-747-8146 x115

Agency Relations Team
Ryan Brown

Director of Agency Relations
843-747-8146 x114

Kari Hanna

Agency Relations Manager(MYB)
843-448-0341 x301

Amber Mulligan

Agency Relations Coordinator

Paige Rizzo

Agency Relations Manager
843-747-8146 x103

Margaret Grant

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
843-747-8146 x109

Strategic Initiatives Team
Alicia Haase

Director of Equitable Access and Produce Initiatives
843-747-8146 x111

Daniel Higdon

Mobile Distribution Manager
843-747-8146 x148

Mark McGilvery

Food Resource Manager
843-747-8146 x108

Kendall Pride

Food Resource Coordinator
843-747-8146 x111

Myrtle Beach Regional Food Center

Heather Albury

RFC Manager
843-448-0341 x300

Additional Staff Members
James Bellamy

Route Driver

William Hunt

Route Driver

Arthur Dionisio

Route Driver

David Green

Warehouse/Flex Driver

Robert Hee

CDL Driver

Tomas Bueno Neri

Warehouse Agency Coordinator
843-448-0341 x304

Philip Reed

Warehouse Receiver/Reclamation Coordinator

Yemassee Regional Food Center

Glenton Graham

RFC Manager
843-747-8146 x401

Additional Staff Members
John Carver

Route Driver

Jerome Riddles

Warehouse Associate