Meet Our Team

President & CEO

Nick Osborne

President and CEO
843-747-8146 x100

Melanie Johnson

Executive Assistant
843-747-8146 x155

Development & Communications

Brenda Shaw

Chief Development Officer
843-747-8146 x104

Development and Communication Team
Chelsea Anderson

Marketing Manager
843-747-8146 x201

Beth Atkinson

Major Gifts Officer
843-747-8146 x123

Alexis Barbalace

Development Officer
843-747-8146 x105

Jill Hirsekorn

VP of Communications & Marketing
843-747-8146 x167

Amanda Jones

Donor Services Coordinator
843-747-8146 x200

Kelly Kelley

Grants Manager
843-747-8146 x154

Dana Vaughn

Development & Events Manager
843-747-8146 x170

Barbara Walters

Director of Donor Services
843-747-8146 x107

Finance & Administration

Felicia Houston

Chief Financial Officer
843-747-8146 x117

Finance and Administration Team

Donald Capron

Director of Facilities
843-747-8146 x161

Miroslav Giric

VP of Information Technology
843-747-8146 x258

Randolph Middleton

IT Support Tech
843-747-8146 x158

Teresa Johnson

Director of People & Culture
843-747-8146 x143

Teri Phillips

Accounts Payable Manager
843-747-8146 x150

Cecelia Jenkins

Accounts Receivable Manager
843-747-8146 x164

Keith Butler

Finance Associate

Belinda Thrower-Singleton

843-747-8146 x100

Community Programs 

Jennifer DeWitt

Chief Community Programs Officer
843-747-8146 x106

Community Programs Team
Kimberly Bowlin

Child Hunger Programs Coordinator
843-747-8146 x163

Misty Brady

Program Compliance Coordinator
843-747-8146 x156

Emily Cookson

Executive Chef and Kitchen Programs Manager
843-747-8146 x113

Danielle Decker

Nutrition Coordinator
843-747-8146 x166

Johnnie Gibson

Production Kitchen Associate

Suzy Johnson

Nutrition Education Coordinator (MYB)

Dana Mitchel

Director of Community Health and Nutrition
843-747-8146 x122

Kara Moore

Director of Child Hunger Programs
843-747-8146 x110

Autumn Reid

Director of Evaluation and Data Integrity
843-747-8146 x151

Stephanie Storer

Nutrition Education Coordinator (YEM)

Emma Tober

Nutrition Education Coordinator (CHS)
843-747-8146 x160

Anna Young

Nutrition Program Manager
843-747-8146 x160


Jody Russo

Chief Operating Officer
843-747-8146 x116

Operations Team
Anthony Howard

Director of Compliance
843-747-8146 x119

Brian Weathers

Transportation Manager
843-747-8146 x159

Kyle Banks

Transportation Manager
843-747-8146 x153

Walter Gray

Transportation Coordinator

Curtis Collins

Route Driver

Darron Knecht

Route Driver

Jeremy Harvey

Director of Inventory
843-747-8146 x102

James Drass

Reclamation Coordinator

Joshua Bair

Route Driver

Dontez Hubert

Warehouse Associate

Jason Layne

Warehouse Receiving Associate

David Shults

Route Driver

Justin Williams

Route Driver

Dennis Furr

Shipping Manager
843-747-8146 x202

Darryl Johnson

Receiving Manager
843-747-8146 x157

Robert Hee

CDL Driver

Jose Padilla

Route Driver

Larry Mayo

Route Driver

Ricardo Jones

Warehouse Associate/Flex Driver

Alexa Jordan

Warehouse Associate/Data Entry

Anthony Washington

Warehouse Custodian

Joanna Bruno

VP of Agency Relations & Regional Food Centers
843-747-8146 x115

Agency Relations Team
Ryan Brown

Director of Agency Relations
843-747-8146 x114

Kari Hanna

Agency Relations Manager(MYB)
843-448-0341 x301

Shannon Watson

Agency Relations Coordinator
843-448-0341 x301

Paige Rizzo

Agency Relations Manager
843-747-8146 x103

Margaret Grant

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
843-747-8146 x109

Strategic Initiatives Team
Alicia Duffany

Director of Equitable Access and Produce Initiatives
843-747-8146 x111

Daniel Higdon

Food Resource Manager
843-747-8146 x148

Emily Kaestner

Food Resource Coordinataor
843-747-8146 x254

Mark McGilvery

Food Resource Manager
843-747-8146 x108

Kendall Pride

Food Resource Coordinator
843-747-8146 x111

Myrtle Beach Regional Food Center

Heather Albury

RFC Manager
843-448-0341 x300

Additional Staff Members
William Hunt

Route Driver

Tomas Bueno Neri

Warehouse Agency Coordinator
843-448-0341 x304

Arthur Dionisio

Route Driver

Philip Reed

Warehouse Receiver/Reclamation Coordinator

Yemassee Regional Food Center

Glenton Graham

RFC Manager
843-747-8146 x401

Additional Staff Members
Amber Mulligan

Agency Relations Coordinator

John Carver

Route Driver