Our Impact

At Lowcountry Food Bank, we are committed to positive results. We are determined to fulfill our mission to lead the fight against hunger in our community. We also recognize that to be true to our mission, we must demonstrate that our outcomes are making a difference.

Proudly Serving the Lowcountry Since 1983!

2023 marks Lowcountry Food Bank’s 40th anniversary! We were founded in 1983 by the Trident United Way and Coastal Community Foundation to address the community health issue of hunger – which we now understand more broadly as food insecurity. Originally established as a clearinghouse for donated food items, Lowcountry Food Bank has since become one of America’s most successful food banks. We are so grateful for all the dedicated community partners, donors, volunteers and supports who have been instrumental in our success!

CEO of Feeding America, Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, wishes the Lowcountry Food Bank a happy 40th anniversary!