Lowcountry Food Bank Foundation

Doing More Together

Lowcountry Food Bank has made significant strides in reaching food insecure individuals in the communities we serve. We have taken important steps to study and analyze how we truly address the equitable distribution of food.

We Must Do More.

We want to increase our capacity to serve more people in the rural and outlying communities of our service area. We want to develop greater capacity for our partner agencies and recruit more people to assist in food distribution. We want to develop new and innovative ways to serve those in need.

With the creation of the Lowcountry Food Bank Foundation and the Patricia S. Walker Endowment, this endowment fund will provide a permanent, sustainable source of income to supplement the annual dollars we raise.


Lowcountry Food Bank has partnered with FreeWill, an online tool that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will. It’s easy to use, free of charge, and can be completed in 20 minutes or less. In addition to taking care of your loved ones and their future, you can use this tool to start your legacy with the Lowcountry Food Bank today.