Food Safety Training

Below is a link to our Food Safety Training video. Feel free to share this with your organization’s volunteers and staff. This training is accessible all year.

We always notify agencies when their Food Safety certificate expires every two years. When that time comes, agencies in need of a new certificate will be emailed a notification to view the training video and be prompted to take the online quiz referenced in the training video. That quiz will be loaded on this page at that time.

USDA Training

Below is a link to our 2021 USDA Training for existing USDA agencies that are already participating in the program. Feel free to share this with your organization’s volunteers and staff. 

Below is a link for USDA Training for agencies interested in joining the USDA Program. The video describes the next steps you must take to proceed with the program.  

  • Interested Agencies: Video coming soon!

Wellness Pantry

A Wellness Pantry is a place that supports the health and well-being of the neighbors we serve. Lowcountry Food Bank provides partner pantries with training on how to set up their client choice pantry, signage to encourage clients to select a variety of healthy foods and resources to educate food-insecure neighbors on how to utilize food items. Become a Wellness Pantry partner by applying at select times of the year.

    Conduct Safe Sampling

    In this training you will learn the importance of conducting a recipe sampling, how to select a recipe for your sampling, how to keep the food and your clients safe throughout the preparation and sampling, and how to set up and serve a safe and inviting recipe sample.