Starting in February, emergency allotments WILL BE ENDING that provided South Carolinian families the maximum amount of monthly SNAP benefits. Households will only be receiving their pre-Covid monthly allotments moving forward.

This will have a huge impact on many households. Prepare now by finding out what your allotment will be here:

What could your benefits look like with the end of the SNAP Emergency Allotments? Here is an example:

– A two-person SNAP household’s regular SNAP allotment is $250 a month.

– With the emergency allotments, the household was eligible to receive the maximum amount of benefits for a two-person household (an additional $266 for a total of $516).

– With the end of the emergency allotments, as of February 1, 2023, the household will only be receiving previous amount of $250 a month.

This may potentially be a significant change for many households. This is a good time to find the food pantries nearest you and start plan accordingly moving forward.


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